Build, sell & rally cars service

Company History

History  of LDD TRADE has its origins in the 70s, when one of the founders Luc Bouckaert “LB TUNING” begins to work in motorsport. He deals with the preparation of new cars in rallies, and in particular, reliable engines and transmissions. In this years he strarted alone in a lot of races, won more and more titles and cups. He work also in Opel service in Belgium, where he won 3rd place in the competition for the best mechanic Opel in Europe. 80s and 90s brings more titles and victories for cars that he prepared.

In 2004 he establishes a company dedicated to the rental of a huge fleet of cars, but his love and passion for cars and motorsport didn’t allow him to remain indifferent. On weekends he held suport in rallies and helped prepare engines and transmissions. Over the years he worked on the same cars, only one has changed – the group for thease cars. He work with this company till 2012.

In the mid-2000 he meets one woman from Poland and her daughter. It appears that the younger of them also has a passion for cars. She starts similar like her stepfather. She worked in Opel dealer and service, on weekends and holidays she helped in the garage. In 2011 she started in the first rally as a co-driver, where they take 4th place in their group. That was a car prepared by Luc. Decision was made to move, and start with company in Poland.

That’s what we established our company.